About Santiago Plaza
In a city of important social, cultural and economic development, and in one of the main streets of bigger affluence of the city, Santiago Plaza was born, to offer its guests those moments of tranquillity and harmony that are needed after an arduous labor day.

Hotel Santiago Plaza, is highly a Mexican company that was born to give a different concept as for the warmth of the lodging, our guest, is the main character, in this great scenario, called Hotel Santiago Plaza.

In our restlessness, to continue being one of the best hotels in the city, this same year, we have intended in increasing the number of rest spaces, with the amplification of our hotel. The new stage of Hotel Santiago Plaza, has  1 master suite, 12 rooms suite, 14 double rooms and 16 single rooms, as well as a wider area for swimming pool, and gym.

All these improvements and amplifications are product of the preference of our guests, for that reason we see each other in the necessity, of growing, for tomorrow's day, each one of the visitors of this city, have the opportunity to know us, and us to have the opportunity to consent them.

Paulino A. Martínez Castro
Hotel Santiago Plaza